Get distracted with the demands of life

Lack confidence in our ability to hear from God

Think we're all alone on our prayer journey

Feel we're too insignificant to make a difference

Most of us understand the importance of a consistent prayer life yet:

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read the true story

Change in government


read the true story

Families transformed


read the true story

Change in schools


Here are real results of a prayer saturated life:

At Manzo Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona, our team prayed for 12 hours during the spring semester one year. At the time Manzo was ranked an F school, graded according to students’ test scores. The school board had talked about shutting down the school and firing the principal. If there was any hope of the school remaining open it would have to move up 18 points in one grading period, which would be unheard of.

We prayed specifically about students improving in their academic scores and that the school would not have to close. Amazingly, by the end of that grading period, the school had improved to a C+ ranking. 

When the Tucson Unified School District statistician called the principal with the news, he asked, “How did you do this? No school moves up 22 points in one semester. It’s statistically impossible!” 

As you might guess, Manzo Elementary School remained open, and the principal was not fired. In fact, he was given a promotion!

Change in Schools

The pastor of Without Walls Church called to tell me what happened to one family after the church gave away copies of my book, The Prayer Saturated Family. One couple who received the book had only been believers in Jesus for a few years so they had not raised their children in a Christ-centered home. All their children were now grown and none of them knew the Lord. 

The couple did just as the book suggested. They started a weekly family prayer and worship night and invited their kids to come. One by one their children started coming and accepting the Lord as their Savior. Two of them have been baptized! 

Families transformed

From June 15 to July 4, 2012, our ministry launched “Operation Enough is Enough”… a call to the Christian community to engage in 20 days of intense targeted prayer for the dismantling of the notorious Sinaloa cartel in Arizona and Mexico and for bringing an end to the violence on the Southwest border.

Tens of thousands of Christians around the world joined us in fervent targeted prayer. On July 6, just two days after the prayer operation ended, the Tempe, Arizona, PD with other local and federal law enforcement agencies executed one of their most strategic drug busts ever, raiding three stash houses -- one of which was the Arizona Headquarters for the Sinaloa cartel!  

This resulted in:

Change in Government

20 arrests of drug trafficking cartel leaders

Confiscation of:

 3 tons of marijuana

30 lbs. of Meth

2.4 million in cash

14 weapons

10 vehicles including a Cesena 421 twin engine airplane

Tempe Police Lt. Noah Johnson said; “We’ve cut off the head of the snake!” 

In addition, during the 20 days of prayer, drug related killings on the border decreased by 17%. This is not an isolated event. We are greatly encouraged that God has real solutions for impossible problems when His people pray. 

Autumn Deffner, Phoenix, Az

I received a copy of Cheryl’s book The Prayer Saturated Family, and then I heard Cheryl speak in my church. The message on the family prayer altar has changed my life and family. Since we’ve been coming together regularly to invite God’s presence into our home, the entire atmosphere of our household has changed. Now there is more peace and unity and less fighting. Thank you! We and other families need more teaching like this!

Cheryl Sacks has an amazing heart for young leaders. Her stories of answered prayer have inspired me to pray more boldly and expectantly. After she prayed that God would open doors for me in the school where I was teaching, I’ve seen powerful breakthroughs over the last six years. I’m grateful to the Lord and to Cheryl for the impact she has had on my life and other young leaders. 

Theresa DeYoung, Phoenix, Az

Chris And Sarah Misterek, Gilbert, Az

We are so privileged to have Cheryl Sacks in our lives as a close friend and mentor. We see in her what we strive to be ourselves: Someone who is faithfully dedicated to seeing miracles happen and God's kingdom come to Earth through the family. Her wisdom and insight has quite literally shaped our own family and brought a deeper sense of the presence of God in our home.

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I know you are the kind of person that cares deeply about being used by God to change your life and the lives of those around you. In order to do that you need effective strategies to hear from God and pray prayers that are in line with His will.

The problem is the demands of life and fear of not being heard by God make you question whether you’ll be able to actually put those strategies in place. And, that makes you frustrated with yourself and question whether it’s even worth it to try. It’s like the ups and downs of trying to stick to a diet.

I believe that your prayers have the power to change things. They have the power to work miracles right in front of your eyes. And, I understand how tough it is to pray persistently. You question whether it’s making a difference and if you’re really honest you just don’t have the time. 

That's why I’ve made this 4-day prayer guide to teach you just how simple it can be to pray the kind of prayers that move mountains in your life and family.

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