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A book that equips you to pray and see God's destiny fulfilled in your children

prayer Saturated

Pray for your kids in such a way that they grow up to be spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy adults

Creative ways to stay consistent in your prayer life

Learn how to incorporate your kids into your own personal prayer time

Discover God's plan for your children so you can pray prayers that are guaranteed to be answered

Prayer Saturated Kids will give you the tools to:

There's no love quite like that of parents for their children. They come into our world and we immediately pray that God would protect them and grow them up to be everything He wants them to be.

But, somewhere along the way we get distracted. Life gets busy and most of the time we feel like we're reminding our kids more about picking up after themselves than the love of God.

I wrote Prayer Saturated Kids to help parents and mentors pray for their children in such a way that God does amazing things in them.

The best thing is when your kids see how important prayer is to you and it becomes important to them.

God's Dream for your children

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See your kids grow into all that God has for them

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Jennifer Roskamp

"I have one word for this book, and it is POWERFUL! This book covers every kind of prayer. If you have been wanting to be a prayer warrior for your kids but are unsure about how to do that, this book is your answer. The book will make your own prayer life grow like never before, and your kids will be covered in the best way possible with your prayers! There are even specific prayers that you can pray if you prefer to follow a template. This is hands-down the most of amazing book on prayer!"

C. Grew

Licensed Professional Counselor

"Wow! I was recommended this book by a friend who attended a conference of the same name run by the same people. It is one of a select number of books that, on finishing, I turned back to the front page and started all over again. 

If you are a Christian parent wondering how you can make your faith real for your children and the ethos of your home, this is an absolute must-read. If you are a leader involved in Children's Ministry, wondering how your teaching programme can be more dynamic and relevant, this is a must-read!"

Mother of three

Stephanie Starks

I love this book. It is one of the most practically powerful books on prayer and parenting that I've ever read. Don't be fooled by its short length--it is a rare treat of a book within the Christian literature realm where the authors let scripture and real-life stories do the teaching, leading me to feel like I'm connecting with the Holy Spirit's guidance for my children.

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A Simple plan to see your KIDS transformed through prayer


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Prayer Saturated Kids will teach you the foundations of knowing how to pray for your kids in a way that will impact their entire lives.


Establish a prayer life filled with power

After you learn how God wants to use you to pray for your children the heavy lifting gets started. You begin to establish practical prayer routines that keep you motivated and passionate.


Watch your child become a prayer warrior

Once you've seen how powerfully God begins to work on your behalf through prayer you'll begin to see that translate to your own children. They themselves will begin to have a passion to pray and see God move in their own lives.

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When our daughter was a baby and later as a little girl, I was acutely aware that I wouldn’t always be right by her side to protect her. I knew I needed to equip her for the things in life that would come her way. 

I realized that the best way to do that was not only to pray for her but to teach her to pray for herself. So, I started inviting her into my own prayer time so she could see what time with the Lord looked like. I taught her to pray through the Lord’s Prayer at nap time. We had family prayer at dinner, bedtime, and whenever a special need arose. Her dad and I taught her to pray God’s word back to Him and to trust Him no matter what. 

I wrote Prayer Saturated Kids to help parents equip their kids to pray with power while learning to pray right along with them. 

Meet the Author

We can't leave the hearts and minds of our kids and spouses to chance.

God has called us to bring Heaven into our homes and we do it simply by asking.

In The Prayer Saturated Kids I take you step-by-step through the process of making your family prayer and Christ centered.

Watch as your family becomes unified rather than disconnected or even at odds with each other. See the power of God as He answers prayers and builds your faith together.

Your prayer strategy for your KIDS

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I'll help you learn to:

Make family prayer a time of fun and unity rather than a chore

Overcome spiritual opposition that stands against your family

Shift the spiritual atmosphere of your home to one of greater peace and joy

The steps and insight I outline in The Prayer Saturated Family is exactly what I've put into practice in my own family. This is the culmination of years of hearing from the Lord for the heart of my husband and daughter.

I'm excited to pass these strategies along to you so you can see God move in your family the way I know He wants to and the way I've seen Him move in mine.

It's time to see your prayers impact your life and family the way you've always hoped they would.

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