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A book that helps you see miracles and breakthrough in your family through prayer

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Discover God's purpose for your family

We all long for our kids to experience God the way we have. We long to be united in heart and mind with our spouses.

But, busyness makes it feel almost impossible. And, our homes are filled with tension and stress rather than the atmosphere of Heaven.

I wrote The Prayer Saturated Family to help families find a passion to pray TOGETHER and become an unstoppable force for God's kingdom.

Your home can be filled with the presence of God and your kids and spouse can become passionate about praying to see God's kingdom come.

It's not a pipe dream. I want to show you how.

Pray with renewed fervency and authority for your family

The Prayer Saturated Family will give you the tools to:

Bring the atmosphere of Heaven in your home to see miracles happen with your children

Overcome hurdles like distraction and busyness so you can stay focused and consistent in your prayer life

Unite your family in a way that makes them excited to pray WITH YOU

Bring The presence of God into your home and watch miracles happen

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Autmun Defner

I received a copy of Cheryl’s book The Prayer Saturated Family, and then I heard Cheryl speak in my church. The message on the family prayer altar has changed my life and family. Since we’ve been coming together regularly to invite God’s presence into our home, the entire atmosphere of our household has changed. Now there is more peace and unity and less fighting. Thank you! We and other families need more teaching like this!

Mother of two

Deborah Tyrrell

"As a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with many couples and families, I consider this resource to be invaluable! It not only inspires families to pray; the prayers in the back of the book actually teach the skills for what and how to pray! I believe wholeheartedly that families who follow the guidelines that Cheryl teaches will experience connection at a level that will initiate healing and foster reconciliation."

Licensed Professional Counselor

Amanda Moore

As a new parent, this was the most valuable parenting book I’ve read so far. The Prayer Saturated Family is bursting with miracles and inspiration that will encourage and carry you through the challenges faced as a parent. No matter what stage your family is in you will be motivated to bring your home to a new level. The Prayer Saturated Family is both practical and encouraging for those with children of any age in their life.

Mother of three

What others are saying about The Prayer Saturated Family:

A Simple plan to see your family transformed through prayer


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The Prayer Saturated Family is a practical guide that gives you detailed instructions on how to pray for your family and how to bring them together in prayer with you.


Organize family prayer meetings

Watch God work in your family as you see prayers answered and the presence of God fill your home. Learn how to stay on track and make times of prayer as a family something everyone loves.


See your family transformed

You'll be amazed at the transformation you see in your family through prayer. No matter where your family is at in this season, God can and will work miracles.

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I’m a wife, mom, grandmother of three, daughter, and sister of four siblings. We’re a big family and believe me we’ve had our share of problems and heartache. It would be so easy to settle for the status quo. To believe that things will never change. To give up on the wayward ones in our family. Yet God has not given up on His dream for our family, so why should we?

I’ve learned through the years that fighting with one another doesn’t work, but fighting for our dream through prayer does. Through this fight for my own family, I’ve learned principles, found faith-inspiring scripture promises, crafted prayers, prayed with and for my family and the families of others. And I’ve seen God turn around the most impossible situations.

I wrote The Prayer Saturated Family to take what I've learned in my own life and help you on your journey. It’s full of resources and prayer guides and inspirational stories to help you develop strategic sustainable prayer for and with your family. 

Meet the Author

Your Family prayer strategy

We can't leave the hearts and minds of our kids and spouses to chance.

God has called us to bring Heaven into our homes and we do it simply by asking.

In The Prayer Saturated Family, I take you step-by-step through the process of making your family prayer focused and Christ centered.

Watch as your family becomes unified rather than disconnected or even at odds with each other. See the power of God as He answers prayers and builds your faith together.

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I'll help you learn to:

Make family prayer a time of fun and unity rather than a chore

Overcome spiritual opposition that stands against your family

Shift the spiritual atmosphere of your home to one of greater peace and joy

The steps and insight I outline in The Prayer Saturated Family are exactly what I've put into practice in my own family. This is the culmination of years of hearing from the Lord for the heart of my husband and daughter.

I'm excited to pass these strategies along to you so you can see God move in your family the way I know He wants to and the way I've seen Him move in mine.

It's time to see your prayers impact your life and family the way you've always hoped they would.

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