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A book that helps you build churches that see communities transformed through prayer

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Make your church a house of prayer

We all long to see our churches have the kind of impact the Church did in the book of Acts. And yet, most of the time it's hard to get more than a handful of people to show up to a prayer meeting.

I wrote The Prayer Saturated Church to empower you to build churches that have the influence Jesus saw when he said: "I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it."

Organize prayer gatherings that are effective and powerful

The Prayer Saturated Church will give you the tools to:

Motivate others to become passionate about praying in revival

Raise up other leaders to take the torch and have exponential impact

It's time to build the kinds of churches we've only read about in the book of Acts

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Terry Crist

"Cheryl Sacks is uniquely qualified to write about the dynamic relationship between passionate prayer and flourishing churches. For over three decades, she has equipped, empowered, and mobilized tens of thousands of people to pray within the context of their churches, and the results have been astounding. The Prayer Saturated Church is more than a great read; it is a practical toolbox that you can put to immediate use as you mobilize your church to become a dynamic praying community."

Author & Pastor of Hillsong Phoenix

Pete Greig

"The Prayer Saturated Church is a classic resource, with a proven track record in equipping pastors practically to build powerful prayer ministries in their churches and for their communities. It is the distillation of decades of experience. Cheryl Sacks is a remarkable woman of prayer and a trusted leader throughout the nation."

Best-Selling Author & Pastor of Emmaus Road

Zack Curry

"The Prayer Saturated Church is not a book based on theory, good ideas or opinion. It comes out of decades of praying, real life stories, and the fruit of teaching leaders on the power of prayer all over the world. Cheryl lives this message and has created a timeless resource that will inspire and equip you and your church to a lifestyle of prayer."

Pastor of Jesus Culture San Diego

What others are saying about The Prayer Saturated Church:

A plan to build a church that sees cities transformed


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The Prayer Saturated Church is your step-by-step guide to creating a prayer culture in your church that is vibrant, full of life and impactful


Organize prayer gatherings

Whether it's in a church building or at your home, prayer gatherings are an essential part of building a prayer saturated church


See your community transformed

See the things you've been longing for begin to happen as God moves in your community, your family and your own life

I have a passion to see local churches growing and flourishing - filled with an atmosphere alive with God’s presence and power. I get excited when I see churches flooded with hungry hearts. I love to see believers sharing their faith in Jesus Christ with friends and co-workers and seeing them set free.  

What I’ve learned from more than three decades of working with local churches - of all sizes and denominations - is that a congregation calling out to God in prayer is what releases life and power in the church. No wonder the devil resists the ministry of prayer. 

That’s why I wrote The Prayer Saturated Church. In it are step-by-step guides that will help to mobilize your church to pray and see miracles happen.

I want to help you build not only a prayer ministry but a culture of prayer in your church.

Meet the Author

Do you and your church have a prayer strategy to see communities transformed?

If not you might be missing out on seeing the power of God move mightily in your city.

In The Prayer Saturated Church I give you the tools to mobilize, organize, and motivate believers to make their church a house of prayer so they can see the kind of revival and transformation the Church saw in the early days.

Your Church Needs a prayer Strategy

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I'll help you learn to:

Motivate your entire church to have a burden and passion for prayer

Organize gatherings that move powerfully in a unified hearts cry for change

Cultivate an atmosphere of the Holy Spirit as a result of consistent and fervent prayer

I've created these tools and strategies from years of real life experience having done it myself.

In The Prayer Saturated Church you'll get a strategy that helps you unlock an open Heaven over your church and community to see the change you've been asking God for.

I'll give you real, practical examples of how to build a culture in your church that prays like God's word tells us to "without ceasing."

It's time to see your church impact the world through prayer  

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