We have authority in prayer Every household, workplace, neighborhood, and even nation has a unique spiritual atmosphere or prevalent climate. I am sure you have felt it. You walk into a store or someone’s home and immediately feel something difficult to explain, whether it is peace and joy, or a prevailing darkness and heaviness. We […]

Change the Spiritual Atmosphere

Image of a woman praying with her hands open

May 27

Scroll down to watch the message on family prayer or read it here: I will never forget the moment. I was on stage at a large church conference where we focused on “Revival and the Holy Spirit” all weekend. It was now the closing session and I was getting ready to lead the congregation in […]

Lighting Fire on the Family Altar

Cheryl Sacks speaking about family prayer

Sep 1

We love our church and we know we should be praying for it. But often, we find ourselves at a loss for how to pray more than, ‘Dear God, bless my church and our pastor. Amen.’ In fact, we get so familiar that we almost forget its deep and rich purpose in our city as […]

Ten Breakthrough Prayers for Your Church

prayer covering for church

Aug 18

Why is it that leading some prayer meetings carry the excitement of a winning team during the Super Bowl, while others resemble the losing team’s locker room at half time when the score is 20-0? While the heart and skill of the players are important factors; it’s often the coach who makes the difference by how […]

How to Lead a Winning Prayer Meeting

Couch with party items- to represent leading a winning team- or in our case a winning prayer meeting.

Jun 11

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