We have authority in prayer Every household, workplace, neighborhood, and even nation has a unique spiritual atmosphere or prevalent climate. I am sure you have felt it. You walk into a store or someone’s home and immediately feel something difficult to explain, whether it is peace and joy, or a prevailing darkness and heaviness. We […]

Change the Spiritual Atmosphere

Image of a woman praying with her hands open

May 27

When life feels overwhelming, and time is of the essence, you need a short prayer about stress. Recently, I was debilitated on Saturday night with a migraine headache.  I don’t have one thing to point out to say what brought it on; but is there ever just one thing that stresses you out?  We’d been […]

God I Look to You

Stressed Woman at Computer to symbolize that we need short prayers for stressful situations

Mar 22

Parenting is Tough I’m daily praying for wisdom and help to know how to best raise my children. I’ve struggled because even at three, my precocious eldest son noticed everything.  Every nuance of shows or commercials.  The covers of books, magazines, movies in the grocery store. He had dreams in his little heart of being […]

Wisdom for Parenting Immediately

Woman in the street with her son- smiling at one another- symbolizing parenting

Mar 15

The best time to pray for your husband is when you remember to pray for your husband. For some, morning prayers for your husband may feel like a cheesy way to begin your coffee routine, but in the flurry of life, it can be easy to forget that you have the most power to influence […]

Good Morning Prayers for My Husband

A happy picture of husband and wife in the morning

Feb 20

We want to help kids discover the Holy Spirit. After all, children are intrigued by an adventure. They like action. That’s what they’re looking for in their Christianity. They don’t want to just hear about heroes of the faith, they want to do exploits themselves. They say, “Don’t just teach me about David and Goliath. […]

Ideas to Help Kids Discover the Holy Spirit

Sep 15

The Glory Van Our son-in-law, Marco, grew up in the fun-loving Reginelli family, a family who knew how praying for family needs made a massive difference. Even though they did not have a lot of money, they had a lot of good times and a lot of faith in God. They would often take road […]

Praying for Family Needs

The yellow, beat up Glory Van symbolizing praying for family needs

Sep 8

Scroll down to watch the message on family prayer or read it here: I will never forget the moment. I was on stage at a large church conference where we focused on “Revival and the Holy Spirit” all weekend. It was now the closing session and I was getting ready to lead the congregation in […]

Lighting Fire on the Family Altar

Cheryl Sacks speaking about family prayer

Sep 1

“Quick,” said Peter, “there’s nowhere else,” and flung open the wardrobe. Susan, Edmund, and Lucy jumped in close behind. Bundled inside the closet the four children got in among the coats, their faces brushing against the fur as they made their way to the back. As they went further in they found a second row […]

How to Set up a Prayer Room in Your Home

An empty closet to symbolize how we start when we want to create a prayer room

Aug 10

There are many different kinds of prayer, such as prayers of thanksgiving, intercession, petition, declaration, spiritual warfare, and healing prayers. When we talk about “healing prayers” for issues of the heart, we are talking about a specific kind of prayer. It accesses the resources of heaven in a particular way that accomplishes physical or emotional […]

Healing Prayers for Hurting Families

Aug 3

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