When life feels overwhelming, and time is of the essence, you need a short prayer about stress. Recently, I was debilitated on Saturday night with a migraine headache.  I don’t have one thing to point out to say what brought it on; but is there ever just one thing that stresses you out?  We’d been […]

God I Look to You

Stressed Woman at Computer to symbolize that we need short prayers for stressful situations

Mar 22

My Soul Longs For You, Oh God. One year, California, the state where I live, was experiencing one of the driest years on record. We had stores of water that allowed farmers to water their crops, and allowed us to still have running water in our homes — things that help us ignore the drought […]

My Soul Longs For You, I Believe You Will Come Like the Rain

Rain on the ocean to describe how we long for God in a spiritual drought- but he is the living water

Mar 16

Parenting is Tough I’m daily praying for wisdom and help to know how to best raise my children. I’ve struggled because even at three, my precocious eldest son noticed everything.  Every nuance of shows or commercials.  The covers of books, magazines, movies in the grocery store. He had dreams in his little heart of being […]

Wisdom for Parenting Immediately

Woman in the street with her son- smiling at one another- symbolizing parenting

Mar 15

Sometimes we are faced with situations in life that leave us desperately searching God’s scriptures for insight on healing and miracles. In fact, there are few things harder to hear than when a doctor tells you there’s something wrong with your unborn child. What was anticipated as a beautiful and joyous event becomes a moment […]

How to Pray Scriptures for Healing and Miracles

Image of brown haired girl praying scripture for healing and prayer

Mar 15

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